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This is the first indicator that tries coupling the market structure / levels with the Average Daily Range. As you can see from the picture one point above is missed. However, this indicator does not control how the structure is calculated. The structure is calculated by depending on the default zigzag indicator that is shipped with Metatrader using whatever setting it has set on default. (You can send me a message if you dont know how to change the defaults of zigzag, through Metaeditor Editing)

At the points marked we also time the amount of bars it took for the swing.
By default it is color coded to make the moves that are:

  • Greater than 1xADR to be Red
  • Greater than 0.7xADR to be Orange
  • Everything else is Aqua

When the market makes a 1xADR against the ongoing trend, this is the first indication of a possible trend change. Next possible scenerios will be a reset in the Market Maker Cycle or a Safety Trade or A repeat of the peak by showing some extreme level 3 behavior.

Perfection like this is rare but here is an example of a perfect WVVM cycle where each main move of the cycle was 1xADR for 3 moves and then reversed

The indicator is released for MT4, if interest is seen it will also be made for MT5.
I am a 100% confident that you all will find many other interesting aproaches and strategies using this new dimension of analyzing the charts using ADR.

A lot of what I have talked about is in the context of Market Maker Method as taught by Steve Mauro. You maybe someone who uses ADR without that context, but still your most welcome to try.

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