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Stalkboard - The 1st BTMM Dashboard

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The first of them all. The original idea. The idea copied by a lot of others including and being sold for over $500 / year.

This dashboard includes everything you need to track the main signature trades of BTMM (Beat The Market Maker which is taught by Steve Mauro)

The first columns (Left to right) tracks the weekly, monthly and daily ranges.
Do you want to keep checking every pair for ADR hits to take the NY reversal trades? Or would you rather look at stalkboard which is just one chart window and see all the pairs that the ADR has been breached on?
The signature trade we track here is ADR HIT NY Reversals back to water. (Weekly and monthly data gives insights to predict the peak trade or level 3 reversal trade)

The next set of columns track the moving average crossovers
Do you want to keep checking every single chart for a 5050 Bounce? Or the ID50 trade which involves the 13/50? This is something I did in the past. You come at the charts all energetic looking for these and 8 hours in your tired. When you are tired you make mistakes. You take emotional decisions and things go out of sync. Stalkboard tracks all your pairs for the crossovers and marks them for you. Just check back every 2 hours or so, for the ID50 and 5050Bounce, You will not miss it! The amount of bars to the crossover is in green. In my experience looking at anything beyond 20 M15 bars is useless.

The next set of columns track the Peak Formations
Sadly many of the individuals who copied my original idea of stalkboard created lies saying the peaks are detected using Artificial Intelligence. They are simply an estimate and may not even be accurate to some extent. However, the most recent peak will always be accurate. If your an experienced BTMM trader, by now you should know the signature this data will track. It is the signature trade of Steve Mauro, The Safety Trade.

How do we track the safety Trade?
Its really very simple.

  1. Wait for peak formation data to show 1xADR at day beggining
  2. Open those pairs and wait for the brinks setup or a mid london setup
  3. DNC - Do Not Counter trend trade back towards the peak formation coming out of Level 1 Consolidation applies here.

Obviousely, we do not use the dashboard a lot. We only use it in step one to check down the pairs.

Lastly, The High Low Data : New in 2023
If you remmeber Steve Mauro talk about how he learnt this from his mentor, he tells you a story about the high low drill. Steve would measure the High and Low of pairs and track them by the numbers. He made us do this as a High Low Drill. We would wait for the high to set in, and take a trade when it settles for 2hours at an extreme of the day without changing, and beyond the asian accumulation.

This is the idea behind the High Low data. Instead of tracking the High and Low by the numbers, stalkboard just displays when it was set, in the amount of bars. This enables you to see the High and Low being set in multiple pairs at the same time. This data is for just any trade your looking for from the HOD or LOD.

I really hope you understand how to use StalkBoard
There was a lot of misunderstandings made by traders about how to use this for a long time and I hope this very detailed guide did it for you. If it did'nt oh well. Perheps stalkboard is not compatible with your trading personality. But try to be the productive, smart, & free trader you always wanted to be using this dashboard. Remmeber, It's not financial freedom if your always stuck to the charts babysitting candlesticks. Its arguably worse than your 9-5.

I want this!

You get a free copy of stalkboard, you are free to redistribute as long as you do not sell it.

Peak Formations
ADR Reversal Trades
5050 Bounce Trades
ID50 Trades
Safety Trade
High Low Tracking (High Low Drill Basis)
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